About Brysontech.com

     This site started out as a jumping off point for other projects, learning new technologies, demonstrating skill sets, and testing new server builds. It has become so much more than that, and that is awesome! The domain currently has an Alexa US Traffic Ranking of 110,366, 574,369 Global, and we're growing every day!

We also have a lot more going on like:

About Our Developers

     These days developers make the world go around. Literally, from traffic lights to cellphones a developer has been involved. Below is a shoutout to our team, and plenty of links and information for getting in contact with them.

Owner and CEO

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about this site. That picture on the left is me, the owner. BT.com also has another developer named Justin - he can write his own "About" if he wishes.

We try to do some sort of development every day. We've currently (as of 11/17/2016) working on a sweet secret for now project that should go into beta December 1 and Open Beta on January 1, 2017 - so stay tuned!

Last chance to brag on myself. I'm extremely outgoing and have been described by many collegues and clients as "A guy who can bring complex technical concepts to a level that any user can understand.". There's tons more technical details on my resume below and don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Linkedin .

Front-End Developer

My Name is Justin. I am BrysonTech's front-end programmer.

I started programming as a way to improve my mind, as well as increase my overall understanding of how webpages and the internet worked. BT.com's owner was gracious enough to bring me on as an apprentice and I have been assisting him with his projects ever since.

I work full time as an aviation technician for the U.S. Air Force. My work there has taken me all over the world. In fact, working on aircraft and all their modern components, hardware, and software is what originally drew my attention to programming. Fortunately for myself, just as I was looking to increase my abilities in the programming world, BrysonTech's CEO needed someone to help with the increased interest that his business was generating.

My goal in working with BrysonTech is to assist with the additional business the company continues to generate.